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The Power Of Dating Yourself

July 25, 2018

Everyone plans to have an epic summer with friends filled with island getaways, day parties and excursions for the best ice cream shops. But this doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes your friends simply do not want to go out or have other plans. Luckily, we do not have to solely rely on friends for a good time – we have ourselves. The first time I went on a selfie date was out of sheer frustration of my friends flopping…

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Reading Body Language: What Does Yours Say?

March 15, 2017

Our body language or non verbal expressions can paint a picture about us and our attitudes that we aren’t even aware of. We know it because we judge people based off the aura they give in non verbal expressions. Are you showing that you are a powerful, good communicator with a poker face or is your body language expressing your true feelings? Here are some body language signs that many of us subconsciously give and ways we can combat them.…

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DIY Recipes for a Stellar Valentine’s Day Package

February 8, 2017

If you’re staying in for Valentine’s day with your boo or hosting a party for friends, we’ve got some tasty DIY recipes for the occasion, courtesy of Creative Luxuries LLC. Chocolate Strawberries “Your strawberries need to be completely dried off; no liquid or water because if you try to dip them when there’s still water on them the chocolate won’t stick,” says Chante Webb, founder of Creative Luxuries. You can pat them dry after rinsing with paper towels. Chocolate chips…

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Rhonesha Byng Tops The Forbes Charts With Digital Haven For Women

January 25, 2017

“Look at all these emails,” said Rhonesha Byng, Emmy award winning journalist, founder of Her Agenda, and one of Forbes’ latest 30 under 30 listers, as she looked at an inbox of over 22,000 unread emails. “People email me all day.” But she doesn’t mind or get too flustered, she knows that as the founder and face of Her Agenda, a multiplatform website for millennial women to connect through articles, events and group chats, it comes with the territory. She…

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Stop The Gossip

December 18, 2016

For many women gossiping comes as natural as periods and is as essential as water. Watching drama (typically when we’re not involved) play out is like going to the movies. It’s entertaining and keeps conversation flowing. We gasp in surprise at the ending or to be continued scenario, and share the story with other people we think will tune in. But when we gossip it does something to us. It’s like lions preying on food. We’re secretly tearing someone apart for…

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