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Growing the Future: Butterfly Dreamz Empowers Teen Girls To Follow Their Dreams

May 31, 2018

When Joy Lindsay unexpectedly lost her sister to gun violence in 2012, finding and creating her own therapy process was crucial to her. At what seemed like the beginning of her career as a graduate student at NYU was also a time of great sorrow. She didn’t know what was next for her, but she knew she liked to write. So she did, and not only did she begin her healing process, but she found inspiration. “I got this idea…

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10 Things Our Mothers Taught Us

October 25, 2017

For many girls growing up, motherly advice sounded more like a lecture. Despite our mothers once being little girls too, we found motherly advice to be overbearing and outdated. Yet as adults, our mothers lectures have turned to out to be words of wisdom that still ring true to our lives. Here are a list of motherly gems that are still valid. 1. Everyone who acts like your friend is not your friend. Realist thing ever. Mothers have this supernatural…

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