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How To Deal With Confrontational Coworkers

January 17, 2017

When I graduated school two years ago and embarked on my new job, getting along with coworkers was the last thing on my mind. I had no major issues in school, held positions in organizations where I got along with everyone and was generalized as a “sweetie.” At my job, in a building of about 7,000 employees, with at least 100 being on my floor alone, I was adored as young, ambitious and sweet to about 50; yet my closest…

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Stop The Gossip

December 18, 2016

For many women gossiping comes as natural as periods and is as essential as water. Watching¬†drama (typically when we’re not involved) play out is like going to the movies. It’s entertaining and keeps conversation flowing. We gasp in surprise at the ending or to be continued scenario, and share the story with other people we think will tune in. But when we gossip it does something to us. It’s like lions preying on food. We’re secretly tearing someone apart for…

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