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What You Need To Successfully Land An Apartment

October 17, 2019

Moving out of the nest is an exciting journey, but it’s also a tedious one that requires research and sacrifice. Statistics show that many people don’t quite love their first apartment, but this isn’t always true – and it doesn’t mean you should just go with the flow on finding your new home either. To assure your next move is your best move, check out some tips on what you should do ahead of moving into your first apartment. Know…

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How To Know You’ve Been Ghosted By A Friend

September 25, 2019

Ghosting is often associated with romantic partners, but guess what? You can be ghosted by friends too. Yes, sometimes our friends fall off the radar due to their own personal issues because life happens to everyone. But there’s a difference between your friend needing space and your friend needing space…from you. It can be harder to read between the lines and know when to let go when we’re feeling the slow death of a friendship, so check out a few…

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How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

July 17, 2019

Baby showers are a monumental, joyous occasion, and when you’re tasked with planning a shower the success of it is all on you. Check out some tips below on how to plan a seamless shower. Set The Date This is a no brainer, but the most important step in your planning process. Setting the date sets the course of how much the venue will cost, if your theme and color scheme fits the season climate, and helps you set times…

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How To Get Your Confidence Back

July 2, 2019

When life takes a turn (or doesn’t turn at all) it can leave us feeling like we’re running a rat race to nowhere. We begin to question our life plans and if they make sense, and we even begin to question ourselves. We critique ourselves worse than an enemy could by declaring we’re not good enough, not smart enough and not pretty enough. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. So how do we nix self doubt and boost…

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BK Yoga Club Connects Creatives Through Body Positive Yoga

May 30, 2019

Tucked away under the Brooklyn bridge lies the perfect oasis with BK Yoga Club; a zen body positive yoga studio that aims to be a space where practitioners, artists, and creatives come together to share the gift of yoga, movement, and creativity. Alicia Ferguson and Paris Alexandra founded BK Yoga Club in 2019. Alicia, a New Jersey native moved to Bushwick in an apartment with five roommates when she turned to yoga to blow off steam. Yet after the death…

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