How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

July 17, 2019

Baby showers are a monumental, joyous occasion, and when you’re tasked with planning a shower the success of it is all on you.

Check out some tips below on how to plan a seamless shower.

Set The Date

This is a no brainer, but the most important step in your planning process. Setting the date sets the course of how much the venue will cost, if your theme and color scheme fits the season climate, and helps you set times for item and food delivery.

Set Your Budget

Your new mama may have an elaborate grandiose shower in mind, and that’s all fine and dandy – but what’s your budget realistically? When you get clear on a budget, you have more room to plan what items you can purchase at a lower cost (like plates and utensils) and what you can splurge on (like a cake).

Define Your Theme

Is your shower gender neutral or are you planning for a little prince or princess? More modern or traditional? Your theme and color scheme will determine the layout of the invitation, decorations and the menu. Plus, understanding the theme can also help you understand how easy or hard it will be to find related items, and how far in advance you’d need to place orders.

Find The Venue

The venue is undoubtedly one of the most expensive components of your shower, and one of the most important. How much does your venue seat? Should there be room for dancing and playing games, or a piñata (because yes, piñatas are still fun)?

It’s also important to feel out your venue owner/host. If you’ve reserved your venue for 4 hours and the host is strict on time or has many guidelines, you’d want to know this ahead of reserving to save yourself from potentially cashing out extra on shaky reservation policies.

Determine Your Guest List

Is your shower both women and men? No kids? What’s the core age group? Like with any event, understanding your audience helps you understand how you should be engaging with them.  If you’re audience is all adults, then chicken fingers and hot dogs may not be the best food choice. Similarly, if your shower is kid friendly and you anticipate many toddlers being there, then it may be good to have games for them as well.

Sending Invitations

There’s no sense in planning for a certain amount of guests and having no idea who will show up. But let’s be honest, so often people overlook hard copy mail if they’re not anticipating receiving something specific.

That’s where digital invitations come in handy. Paperless Post offers a variety of stylish e-cards and flyers for baby showers, parties and more. The invitation even comes with an envelope. Just pick out you desired card look, customize to your liking and email to your attendees.

Not only can you better assure your guests actually get and read the card, but you can better track your rsvps.

Food, Cakes & Drinks

Food, cake and drinks can pretty much flow together with your audience and/or theme. If there’s as many kids as adults, consider having a side of finger foods. Or if your shower is adults only, you may want to offer wine or spritzer drinks.

The Infamous Chair

The classic baby shower straw chair has transformed in size – and cost! This may not be important to your baby mother, but if it is, then this may the second most expensive purchase in the shower after the venue. Chairs can cost anywhere from $200 – $600 and are typically available on an hourly rental basis.

A cheaper option is to decorate a chair that is already a part of your venue with balloons and a fancy chair sash.

Who’s Your Setup Crew?

Setup is more than just decorations on the table. It’s setting up chairs and tables if the venue does not do this, picking up food, balloons, cake, coordinating with vendors throughout the day and so much more. All of this background work is crucial to assuring your schedule starts and stays on time. If there isn’t a baby shower party in place, then soliciting help elsewhere will really be important.

Hope this helps and good luck planning!

Paperless Post customizes online cards, invitations, and flyers that reflect your personal style — for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other meaningful events. Check out their website here.

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