What’s The Deal With Crystals? Beginners Guide To Crystals

May 2, 2019

Many of us are on a quest to find purpose, harmony and understanding in our lives, and recognize it may require internal healing.

Crystals were used as far back as ancient Egyptian, Mayan and Sumerian reigning times as sacred stones with energetic, mental, emotional and physical healing powers.

Today, the craze of crystals and their use in modern culture as a healing tool (and let’s be honest, eye candy too) has been amplified on Instagram, in our jewelry, home décor and even in water bottles.

Sienna Van Dunk, crystal healer and owner of metaphysical shop Demure Lyfe comes from a generation of intuitive and healers, and began playing with crystals at 15 years old.

“I’ve always been a bit of an eclectic and artist,” said Sienna.

She even credits crystals as a beneficial tool used when she opened her storefront for Demure Lyfe. Sienna set intentions around the carnelian stone, known for its attributes of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. And sure enough, just seven years into her e-commerce business she opened the Demure Lyfe storefront in 2017.

Crystals are emerging to the center of popular health and wellness but are you still confused on what they are exactly? Sienna shared the real on crystals and their capabilities.

What Are Crystals?

Crystals healing is a form of therapy which involves placing stone on your body or nearby places to help draw out negative energy. Each crystal has a different purpose, and purposes can range from creating abundance in life to aiding in clarity and acceptance.

“They’re all individual mineral people,” says Sienna. “They all have their own personality. Each one is different, and each one depending on what you’re looking for and what your intention is, is what you should steer towards. They are support pieces…it is the intention that you as a person, the person that’s looking for the healing reaches out for.”

What Are Good Crystals To Start Out With?

Clear Crystal Quartz: These white crystals are activator crystals that amplify the vibration of your other crystals. They are good to use in conjunction with other crystals.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz are adorned as on of the most eye-catching crystals, and perhaps rightfully so. They operate on the frequency of unconditional love, including self-love, romantic love, friendship love and familial love.

Citrine: Citrine represents prosperity and abundance.

Amethyst: This stone represents clear thoughts and clear intentions, and connected to esoteric knowledge. This also opens your crown chakra.

“Connect with somebody that knows about them and seek people who study them,” says Sienna. 

How Do You Get Started?

First, you must program your crystal and set an intention on it. What are you using it for? What’s the purpose? Crystals can be used in several ways in which others cannot. For instance, rose quartz is a stone that you can put in your water and charge the water that you drink to take that energy in. You can meditate with it and place it on your heart chakra (the center of your chest), you can place it in your palms. “It’s up to how you want to unlock the mysteries of the stone.”

What Are Crystal Grids?

A crystal grid is a sequence for crystals to be in alignment to play full activation in your personal space. This could be good for your home and alter space to bring about more divine connection and prayer. Y

You can put a clear quartz stone in the center and stack rose quartz pieces in a design specific to unconditional love to amplify that stone for you.

Sienna practices no more than two stones at a time with clear quartz always in conjunction with another stone. Using multiple stones at once can result in “crystal chaos.” This takes place when conflicting stones are being used at one time.

However, you can use more than two stones at a time – just make sure their characteristics are compatible.

Do Sizes Matter?

Sizing is largely for aesthetics, however the points on crystals can affect their activator ability. The different types of crystals are:

Sphere Shapes: Sphere shaped stones are used for moving energy and are good for body work. This is good if crystals are used in reiki healing.

Obelisk or Raw Form Shapes: This is recommended if you are trying to manifest masculine attributes like hard work, money, dedication.

Heart or Palm Shapes: These crystals are good for healing matters of the heart.

Tumble Stones: Tumble stones similar to raw stones, but tumbles stones are preferred when working with people. Some raw stones have properties that are toxic for the skin.

Spirituality and Crystals

Sienna says both can coexist, and by no means should crystals have to cancel out your spiritual and religious beliefs.

“The beauty of the earth is gifts from the earth. There’s nothing that you love more than the planet you’re on than the person who created it, and that’s God. Crystals are a gift,” says Sienna.

“It’s a beautiful thing to take on crystal healing. You are healing with God’s knowledge, you are connected to source – it’s just an extension of ability that you use. It’s your own God given gift.”

Like a stress ball, you can even take your crystals with you places as a calming piece.

Can Anyone Be A Crystal Healer?

Yes. “It doesn’t take a psychic or someone who has come from a line of shamans. It’s something I went to school for just like anyone else.”

Common Myths About Crystals

Crystals can heal you immediately: Crystals should be used with set intentions. They will not work, if they aren’t being used and are just being placed on your night stand.

Specificity ritual rules: There is no specific way to use crystals. What really matters is the thought and intent around them. Crystals are tools use in conjunction with the intention we set, but the real work lies in what we do.

Can You Overuse Crystals?

Technically no. Naturally, we can become reliant on crystals just like we can become reliant on therapy, prescriptions or anything that makes us feel good. What’s important is to remember that crystals are tools to assist with healing, and they can do some of the work but cannot do it all.


Demure Lyfe provides products like crystals, roots, herbs, lotions, potions and jewelry. Sienna also offers reading services. For more information, check out DemureLyfe.com 

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