Spring Work Fashion Trends For 2019

March 11, 2019

Work wear can take a back-end seat when it comes to priority purchases in fashion, but with age and time a chic work wardrobe is necessary.

Sure, every day of the week doesn’t need to be an outfit replica from Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, but the way you dress does reflect how others perceive you, and speaks to how you perceive yourself.

So why is fashion important at work?

You Should Dress For The Job You Want

Dress for success! You want to work for a hotel luxury boutique agency? Dress the part. You want to be a business professional? Dress the part. You want to be an artist and art shows? Dress the part (well, somewhat). Get into the habit of dressing for your dream job, so that it’s second nature for you when you actually do. Plus, this can keep your mind going for future goals. If you have a uniform dress code, then play up your hair, makeup and accessories.

Be Prepared For After Work Events

The night doesn’t have to end for you after you clock out. You never know when you’ll unexpectedly be invited to a networking event, or any fun festivity. Dress comfortably in a way that’s true to you, but still works for the office.

Your Outfit Speaks Before You Do

You’ve heard this before, and it’s indeed true. Your outfit speaks to your style before you do. Again, no one expects you to look like a fashion spread from Vogue everyday, and you shouldn’t dress for the sake of other people’s approval. But you should take some pride in your clothing and what it means to you.

It Feels Good

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you perform better. Feeling good brings out your inner confidence, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling yourself. So what are some fashion trends you should look out for?

Neon/Bright Colors 

Pastel is always on trend for the spring season, but bright hues are easing in as a heavy contender in fashion. Make a statement in bold colors in and out the office.

Photo: Style Pantry
Photo: MsBlingMiami

Animal Print

Animal print always makes a comeback, specifically cheetah and print. From snake skin boots to cheetah moto jackets and blouses, there’s no doubt that animal print is in. In late December, it became the third bestselling print behind graphics and floral.

Photo: Asos

Monotone Colors

Monochromatic fashion has been all the rave in winter and is definitely hear to stay through the spring. Match a single hue with different clothing and textures to create a clean, bold look.

Photo: Style Caster
Photo: Getty Images


Blazers are a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down for any day of the week. Oversized, trench coat and boyfriend blazers are still all the rave, but you can experiment with blazer colors and patterns well beyond this. Go for an office version of “Clueless” with a plaid or checkered blazer, or dress down on casual Fridays with a belted blazer and jeans.

Photo:Style Caster

A Statement Bag

A bag is one of the first things people notice about our fashion choice, and some may even consider it the most important. Since typically our work bags are for everyday or frequent use, it can truly speak to our consistent style. A statement bag is not determined by its brand, but rather how the style speaks to your personality. Whether you’re into hobo chic bags, fringe or a classic tote, your bag can exude your style in ways clothing doesn’t.

Photo: Zara
Photo: Topshop

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