Homecoming Do’s and Dont’s

October 18, 2018

It’s that time of the year again where we show out at homecoming  a little bit wiser and sometimes cuter than we were before. We’ve got a guide on how to enjoy your homecoming responsibly.


Dress to Impress

Sure, homecoming is about school spirit and repping in paraphernalia, but you haven’t seen some of your former colleagues since last homecoming. Show them how you leveled up from last year! You can still wear your school apparel and make a statement with your hair, your makeup or your accessories. You never know who you’ll run into on the yard so give them something to remember.


Be it young professional mixers or club alumni events, networking is major key. The turn up is fun, but homecoming is also a perfect time to tap into those old resources. Reach out to your former professors prior to going down to see if you can squeeze in time to connect with them. Or, perfect your elevator pitch for those mixers and the daunting “what do you do now?” question.

Have Fun

Sometimes we can get so caught up in making an impression and showing how great we’re doing that we forget to have genuine, authentic fun. Don’t be a snob or fret over what others are thinking of you, let your hair down!

Actually Attend School Spirited Events

Nothing brings back memories quite like homecoming games and pep rallies. Let yourself experience those once adorn festivities as an alumni. You’ll gain a new appreciation for your school band and less than great sports teams.

Plan A Backup Outfit For Changing Weather

In this time of global warming your planned look may not be fitting for the temperature. Be prepared to have an outfit that’s opposite of the weather look you anticipated.

And, if you’re strutting your old stomping ground in heels, make sure to have backup comfy shoes close by too.

Stay Close To Your Friends

Nothing can turn a good time bad like looking for friends as if you were a lost kid in the mall. It’s easy to separate from the pack when you run into old friends that your crew may not be as acquainted with, but don’t get lost! Phones die, reception falls through and before you know it, you’re hitching a ride back inside without any idea what your friends next moves are.


Do Plan To Uber Or Have A Designated Driver

Someone has to be responsible for the transportation safety of the crew. And if no one wants to, then you all should plan to split car fare fees and take turns paying for it.


Hook Up Out of Boredom

I get it. You’ve had a bit to drink, and you bump into and old friend who looks just as good or even better than they did in school. Your romance life at home is extinct. It’s just one night, and you can go home and never think about it again right? WRONG. Two things will happen from this. You will either be in your feelings reminiscing on the night that will never happen again, or you simply cannot get rid of the person.

Obsess Over The Past

He did you dirty your sophomore year. You and one of your female friends had a falling out and have not spoken since. Let it go! Don’t spend your time being bent out of shape over the ghost of girlfriends’ past. You don’t have to be chummy, but keep it cute and cordial. Remember, you’re a successful, mature, functioning adult who is beyond the school drama.

Spend Beyond Your Means

There’s no need in trying to impress people you see less than five times a year. If you know you simply do not have the funds to pay for a bottle at the club, or for a new outfit purchase on the spot, then do not do it. This is where planning is important. Leading up to homecoming, set your money aside so that you don’t end up spending your entire paycheck. Just keep in mind, life and bills after homecoming exist.

Go Beyond Your Limits

I get it, you haven’t turned up in a while and want to let loose for homecoming like you did when you were in college – but do not drink beyond your limits. You don’t want to be the sloppy fool on campus, nor do you want to miss all the festivities. Don’t go so hard in the day that you miss the night.

Don’t Instastory Everything

Sure, you want to highlight your experience so you can recap on your day on the yard and all of your old friends you ran into. And you certainly should take pictures that capture your finest memories. But doing it for the gram ultimately does nothing for you. Don’t be the person who spends so much time trying to show your followers how much fun you’re having that you forget to have fun.

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