10 Stress Relieving Activities Worth Trying

February 21, 2018

Releasing stress toxic energy is detrimental to our growth and healing, and so is finding the right outlet to do it. Rather than drinking, sleeping or insta-stalking it away, try some of these positive methods to ease your mind.

Soul Cycle

You must..I repeat must have worked out a few times before and have built your physical endurance prior to taking this class.

It is a high intensity spin class where you work out to the beat, literally. You can select a class and instructor based on your preferred music genre, but no matter the genre, the songs are surely to be chopped, screwed or sped up to ensure fast spinning. I will never forget one moment in the class the instructor asked “Why are you here? What is it that you’re trying to break through?”

I started to ball crying. That’s what this class does to you.

Hot Yoga

If you’re not big on intense workouts, but want to feel like you’ve done an intense workout, then definitely try hot yoga.

The idea that you actually lose weight from the excess sweating is a myth, but it does stretches your body, releases tension in your body and improves blood circulation.

There are several moments in hot yoga where all that’s required for you to do is inhale and exhale deeply and reflect on your thoughts. It’s quite peaceful!

Core Power Yoga is one of many yoga companies that hold locations nationwide.

Sip and Paint

There’s something therapeutic about slapping paint on paper, mixing colors and making a beautiful mess to call your own. Sipping wine while doing so heightens the therapy also. 

There is zero artistic experience required for sip and paint, and zero chances of you doing such a terrible job that you’re more worried about your painting than the relaxation involved.


Get all of those jumbled ideas out of your head and onto some paper. Journaling is like talking to yourself without feeling like you’re crazy for it (even though many if not all of us talk to ourselves at some point). It’s a healthy way of making sense of our thoughts and expressing ourselves.

Journaling daily can also be great in helping us gain clarity. Don’t overthink it, just freestyle write like you used to in creative workshop class. Eventually what’s really on your mind and heart will spill on the paper.

Drop Into a Dance Class

Or even dance in your house if you don’t want the pressure of keeping up to your dance neighbor with an ill eight-count. Listening and vibing to music is a great way to release your stress.

Smoke Hookah

Ok. This isn’t the conventional or even health preferred option. Hookah contains tobacco (even though it’s filtered), carbon monoxide and carcinogens. However, Hookah is known to reduce stress and create a calm environment as it is often smoked in social settings. This allows for that wine down opens the door for some epic conversations and chill vibes. Hookah can be addictive, so this isn’t an everyday thing, however every now and then it definitely won’t hurt.


Reading a great way to daydream yourself into another life. Get lost in a fiction or fantasy novel and transport your imagination to your book’s location. According to a 2009 study conducted at University of Sussex, reading fiction can reduce stress levels by 68%, which is more than listening to music or even going for a walk. And get this, six minutes of reading is all you need. 

Community Service

Community service can make you realize how minuscule your current life stressor is compared to all the needs of the world. Not to mention, if you’re doing community service, then your typically surrounded by positive people who care about the good of other people. This is a great moment to soak in optimism, all while helping someone or something else. If you don’t know where to start or how to find a community service initiative that speaks to you, then check out Volunteermatch.org 

Organize Your Space

Actually seeing areas of your physical space declutter can feel symbolic to decluttering your life, and it actually can be. Reorganize your room, throw away those old daunting bank statements (if you’ve paid the bill already only) and donate those clothes that have taken over your floor. A clean space, equals a clean mind to deal with larger things.


This is as practical as it gets, and probably overlooked as a stress reliever because of it. Pray it off you. Pray off feelings of worry and anxiety that cause your stress and put faith in the higher power that it will be removed once you claim it.

Have any more stress reliever ideas? Share them with us!

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