10 Things Our Mothers Taught Us

October 25, 2017

For many girls growing up, motherly advice sounded more like a lecture. Despite our mothers once being little girls too, we found motherly advice to be overbearing and outdated. Yet as adults, our mothers lectures have turned to out to be words of wisdom that still ring true to our lives. Here are a list of motherly gems that are still valid.

1. Everyone who acts like your friend is not your friend.

Realist thing ever. Mothers have this supernatural intuition where they can tell who are your real friends and who aren’t well before you can. They can decipher personalities off the bat, and are shameless in letting you and your fake friend know how they really feel. I had a best friend for years, and my mother would always warn me about her – even though she never displayed negative behavior towards me. Years later, sure enough her and I had a falling out and never spoke again. Listen to your mothers on this, seriously!

2. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Hello! Sometimes we are blinded by what we want to see in lovers, friends and even work situations because we are ignoring the signs. When someone shows you a certain type of behavior, take a mental note of that. Learn the patterns of a person and how they deal with others around you, so you know how to address them correctly.

3. Never depend on a man for your lifestyle.

Amen. There’s nothing quite like being an independent woman who is able to do for herself. When a man knows that you depend on him, he knows that he can pretty much have you how he wants to. He can disrespect you and you won’t even put up a fight, because you know there may be repercussions to pay. Never let someone take away your power or think they can own your life.

4. Do not rush to do things, save some things for later in your life.

Growing up I often wanted to do what the big kids did. In high school I wanted to go to late night teen club parties often, however my mother would only let me go on special occasions. I also longed to wear foundation in high school, but she always encouraged me to wait until I got a bit older. I didn’t understand it then, but truly, some experience are best enjoyed later in life. Had I started to wear makeup earlier in life, I may not have known how to appreciate the beauty of my skin without it. Or if I had gone to teen clubs every weekend, the excitement of a club at 18 or 21 might not have been the same.

5. People do not tell you everything they’re doing. Make sure you handle YOUR business.

I always understood this but hated to admit it my mother. In my early years of high school, I loved the social aspect of school far more than the actual work. My friends and I would lobby the hallways and go to class late on a daily basis. That was until one marking period when it truly reflected in my grades. I had failed a class and landed in low 70s or 65s in every other class. I was terrified to show my parents and met up with one of my friends during lunch to show her the damage done, expecting hers to be the same. Boy was I wrong- she hadn’t failed any classes and and had 70s and 80s. I asked her how she managed to pull that off with all of our shenanigans, and she replied “oh I could never just make it with just what we were doing, my mother would kill me. I did extra credit. What are YOU going to do with those grades!”

Boom. I assumed that she thought and did, how I did, but she didn’t. She knew how to handle her business for her situation, but I clearly didn’t know how to do the same. This message still applies to my life. Always do you!

6. You reap what you sow

Simple. The universe just simply will not allow you to act all types of crazy to people because you feel like it, and there be no response to your actions. The seed you plant, whether good or bad will grow just how you plant it. Be mindful of how you move in the world.

7. Birds of a feather flock together

If someone hangs around gossipy people, you can be sure they are gossipers too. Whatever reputation a group of people have, you can rest assured that it pertains to everyone in that group. And though it may not be fair to judge, who you surround yourself with sends a message to the world. Attitudes, behaviors and mindset rub off on people. This goes for who we hang with too; we start to become who we surround ourselves with. Energy is transferrable.

8. Why buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?

So very true! If you are cooking for him at your house by date three, then what would want to make him take you out on a date following that? He already knows that you like him enough to take your money, buy groceries (solely for him), cook for him, and lay up in the house with him. There’s nothing wrong with cooking for your man, but you have to slowly put it out there. Don’t give away all your tricks trying to get him, because he’ll see no since in making you officially his. And if he does, there’s an expectancy that you will cook often and are ok with it. Lay the foundation of a relationship in the way you’d like it to go.

9. Don’t dress to reveal everything, save something for at home

This matters more the older you get. If you’re showing leg, you’re showing leg. If you’re accentuating your upper lady parts, then leave it at that. Everything doesn’t have to be out at one time! Though it may not be fair, we are often perceived by how we dress. Not only this, but there should always be some mystery to a woman. If you’re entire goodies are on display in public, what excitement is left for someone to want to see it in private?

 10. It’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to.

A perfect motherly quote to build your self-confidence at any age. This is crucial as a young girl and a grown woman alike trying to finding our voice and inner lioness. It’s not what they say to you or about you, but how you feel about yourself. People will treat you how they want to, but it’s also based on what you will and will not tolerate. Don’t let others break your spirit.

Have any other motherly advice? Share in the comments!

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