What You Need To Know Before Applying Eyelashes

February 20, 2017

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Lash glam isn’t going anywhere, so it’s time we learn the basics and stop asking our makeup skilled friends for help before every outing. We spoke with The Lash Stop mink eyelash company to get the complete rundown on how to find and rock eyelashes.

What’s the difference between synthetic, mink/Siberian mink, human and silk lashes?

Synthetic: Synthetic lashes are the kind you will find in the beauty supply store or pharmacy. The texture is thicker, the lashes are shinier and the band is tighter. Their firmness assures its curl shape stays in place. People typically use weave glue to put on synthetic lashes. Though their great for a cheap last minute steal, the long lasting effects of thinning lashes may not be worth it.

Mink/Siberian mink: These mink lashes are the most coveted on the market, and has trickled down from celebrity stars to the non Hollywood folks. Mink lashes are lighter, finer hairs brushed off of actual minks to create a natural look. It’s an even blend of matte, lightweight and fullness. What makes them more distinct is their thin band, but if you’re new to lashes then this can be more difficult to put on.

Faux mink: These man made, polyfibre lashes are quite popular, and are lightweight to imitate real mink lashes. However, they are glossier than real minks.

Silk: You make think silk as being luxurious, soft and real silk, but these lashes are made from synthetic silk. This style lash is one of the first faux lash designs and has been quite a hit. It is thicker at the bottom and thinner on top to create a full, natural look. Little to no mascara is needed for these everyday wear babies.

Human: Despite the name human hair, most human hair lashes are indeed synthetic or have synthetic pieces included in. Therefore, they are a bit shinier and thicker than mink lashes.

Popular lash styles

Popular eyelash styles are natural, cat eye and gorgeous/full lash.

Natural lashes are self explanatory, a natural look that you can wear to work or professional settings.

Cateye lashes starts out as short lashes and extends to long lashes on your outer eyes.

If you want to go glam Kim K, then you should be looking at gorgeous/full lash. It is the same long length across your eyelid, meant to create a voluptuous, dramatic appearance.

How to apply lashes 

  1. Make for the lashes are straight and even by brushing them with a clean, unused mascara brush or eye brow brush.
  2. Measure the lash band. If it’s too long, cut off the excess lashes to fit your eye shape.
  3. Apply lash adhesive glue very lightly. When applying the glue, make sure it is on the top of your eyelid and not your lashes. Applying them to your actual eyelashes leads to tear when taking you faux pair off. Let it set for a bit.
  4. Use the applicator to place the lashes on your eyelid, right above your lashes.
  5. Use the opposite end of applicator to press down and assure it’s tight.
  6. Put mascara on the bottom layer of your lashes for an even blend.

Make sure to apply lashes after all of your makeup, (except winged eyeliner) to avoid makeup getting onto your lashes.

Taking off and cleaning lashes

Be gentle! Take your lashes off with the same delicacy you do to put them on. If your harsh with your lashes, you can mess up the shape and curl. Use the eyelash applicator to assure a smooth take off.

Ease up on the mascara. The less you put on, the less dirt accumulates. For many lashes, you may not even need mascara on them, just apply some to your real eyelashes before placing them on. Make sure you are cleaning your regular lashes thoroughly as well. Halfway cleaned lashes leads to a stiff look and uncomfortable feel when you apply your faux lashes.

How long should my lashes last?

With proper care, most lashes can last through 15-25 wears. The Lash Stop uses cotton bands for their lashes, so they can be reused at least 25 times.

With these tips, you’re definitely ready to be a pro in the lash game. Good luck!

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