What You Should Know Before You Go Speed Dating

February 6, 2017

Going into speed dating is like going into an interview. You want to look your best and show your personality and assets, yet seeking your needs is just as important. It can be scary, make you feel desperate or remind you while you’re single, but you can also find romance, or at least get a chance to reflect deeper on what you want in a partner. We know you may be a nervous wreck just at the thought of speed dating, so we went first to bring back some nuggets and prepare you.

There will be an uneven ratio

Believe it or not, even if there’s a ticket price, everyone who signs up will not show up. Matchmaker organizers for say that the most no shows are in the age group 24-35, and the most no shows vary each time from men to women.

People will come with their friends, but you shouldn’t

People will come with their friends because naturally, we’d like their company to help loosen us up. But if you’re really hoping to find a match, this is a sure way to throw your game off. If you and your friend are sitting next to each other, it can be uncomfortable for the two of you and the speed dater as well. Asking certain questions or the way you or the dater responds to the questions can be awkward and not be as in depth as it could’ve been without a friend present.

If it’s a weekday, dress business casual

You don’t want to look like you’re dressed for an interview, but a low cut bodycon dress you would normally wear on a Saturday night doesn’t give the impression that you want to be taken seriously. You also want to look like you take your work and day-to-day maintenance seriously. Show that you’ve put forth an effort to make a dating match and that you care about what you look like, because you should!

Questions will be redundant

I guarantee you, you will hear “so is this your first time speed dating?” at least 3 times. It’s an easy open ended question. It also tells you how serious or psychotic a person is depending on how many times they’ve gone speed dating.

Don’t be a drunkie

Just, don’t. If you’ve already reached your standard drink limit before your elite level of drunkenness, how will you know what’s going on and if you’re really into a person or not? Don’t let your beer goggles fool you.

You may be disappointed

You may find love, you may not, but you should prepare yourself either way. It’s never an easy trek to love, but remember to go in with an open mind. Remember, you’re single just like the other speed daters, so don’t be stand offish, you may miss out on a chance for a great date!

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