Hair Salon Chronicles: Can He Come In The Shop?

December 20, 2016

You can’t let every man meet your hairstylist. If you’re a regular goer, your hairstylist is one of your besties. She’s honest with you about what’s going to work for your headshape and complexion, because she wants the best for you, just as any friend would. In her chair you share all of your work drama, friend drama and sometimes even home drama. And when you’re getting your hair done before a hot date, your hair stylist wants to know all about it.

But the man, just like the coworkers you complain about should remain a mystery. Why? Several reasons.

1) You put yourself, and your man, up for judgement. Though we may have grown to love our sweeties looks over the past two months, your hairstylist and the the other women in the salon have not. If your hair stylist is honest with you about those kind of things, then she may slap the goggles off your face and let you know the real. But if this is someone you’ve been dating, or looks just don’t bother you in general, then you shouldn’t  feel the comment pressure of an ugly beau. Just except that the hair salon will have a nice gossip session about him once you leave.

2) The opposite, he’s fine and everyone knows it. If he is the eye of affection in the salon, women will openly stare. Save the goodies for yourself and not the lonely women with fresh dos!

3) He doesn’t measure up from his first visit. He was as sweet as a straight As school boy when he visited you at the salon, but he couldn’t even keep up the act past your next two week appointment visit. Now your dodging the “how’s your boo doing” question because you don’t want your stylist to know how short lived the relationship was. And now, you’ll have to wait months again to introduce anyone or talk about anyone because you don’t want to look like a serial dater who moves too fast.

4) He thinks its ok to pop up at your hair salon. Getting your hair done can be as relaxing as the spa. It’s your me-time. While you may enjoy his pop ups from time to time, you may not like it on the regular. What if your in mid wash or under the dryer and he comes in? Then you’ll have to speed up or step away from that laid back, eyes closed position you were just in. It delays what could already be a long night in the hair salon, and cuts in on your personal girl chat time.

5) Your hair stylist looks at you differently. Some beauticians aren’t comfortable with men in the salon, and neither are their clients. Being seen with damaged, balding or messy hair can be a embarrassing experience, and a male presence may enhance that. And if it’s a small hair salon, your man can be taking up a seat that a client can have.

So think twice before you bring your boo to the salon. You may just want to leave him in the dark, in fantasy story land with your coworkers you can’t stand and the crazy uncle you’d never want anyone to meet in real life.

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